Friday, September 7, 2012

Random video... Sean Young's memories of Dune

Okay, this is going to be a bit of lazy post this week because I've literally just got back from holiday and haven't had time to watch anything let alone review it.

Anyway, I stumbled across this cool little video on youtube the other day and thought it would be a cool thing to share. It's a compilation of Sean Young's personal super 8 videos from her time working on David Lynch's adaptation of Dune.

It's fascinating to see all the actors in and out of costume and Young herself gives a nice little commentary on all the key players (though I think she's edited her comments on Lynch himself).

I've got to say I'm a pretty big fan of Dune. Sure, it's a bit of mess of a movie but damn if it isn't an interesting-looking mess.


  1. A lot of people give Lynch crap for this movie, they don't take in consideration what a gargantuan task it was to bring this film to the silver screen. Thanks for this video, it was awesome. Im such a huge fan of the Dune books! Love them to death. Since I live in Puerto Rico, I've always thought it was a fun fact that the actor who played Shaddan the IV (Emperor of the Known Universe) was a puerto rican actor! The emperor of the universe is Puerto Rican in Dune! Ha!

  2. I haven't seen Dune yet so I watch this video after I see it but it sounds really cool. On a related note, here's a cool 1982 interview with Sean Young about Blade Runner: