Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Year Anniversary

Welcome! Here have a glass of virtual champagne and celebrate with me the one year anniversary of the Collected Cinema blog. It's been a busy 12 months and, though it took me a while to keep a consistent rhythm of reviews, we got here in the end. Thanks to everyone who's been reading the blog this last year. Blogger recently redesigned itself so it's easier for me to post and I can keep tabs on how many people are looking at the pages. Not sure who's been viewing my Completist review of the Undisputed movies 4000 times but thanks whoever you are!

Looking back over my reviews it looks like the Completist reviews, where I look back over entire franchises, seem to be the most popular so I'm going to endeavour to get more of those posted soon. I'm also going to do a few more posts about movie ephemera along the lines of movie toys and spin-offs. And finally I'm hoping to get a couple more film projects like The One Man A-Team done (okay, more likely just started) over the next 12 months so I'll keep you guys in the loop about those too.

As a thank you to all my regular blogger friends for the next month or so I'm going to be solely reviewing flicks you've recommended to me (either directly or indirectly), so keep an eye out for them.


  1. Congratulations! And if you're taking recommendations I'm waiting to hear your thoughts on De Palma's "Blow Out"!

  2. Congratulations on one year Jack, here's to many more! I'm actually nearing my one year blog anniversary in about a month. I'm looking forward to your next series of posts, if you need any direct recommendations let me know!

  3. Thanks guys, I appreciate the comments.

    Jason: I'm afraid you're gonna have to wait a little longer for Blow Out but I think you'll like what I've replaced it with.

    Chris: Yeah, I've got one lined up from you. I've been looking through your blog and picked out a movie that you gave 10/10.

  4. Congrats! Keep up the great work!