Monday, July 18, 2011

Random thoughts on... "seboots" sequels that act as reboots

Just wanted to get this down before I started seeing it elsewhere. Someone was asking me my thoughts about Predators, I said it was basically an example of the director wanting to do a sequel but the studio obviously wanted a reboot. So they met in the middle and more or less made a reboot, but one that took place after and acknowledged the original film. Direct to video sequels have been doing this for year's but only now has Hollywood caught on this method of extending a franchises shelf life a few more years. On paper it seems like a great idea, the studios avoid getting negative backlash from die hard fans of the franchise and they get a recognisable brand for general movie goers. For Predators I thought it failed and didn't really please anyone. Don't get me wrong I paid money and saw it at the cinema but really I wished they'd pushed the franchise forward with a more original storyline. "Seboots" as I'm gonna call them, are the equivalent of keeping your foot down on the clutch, sure the cars still moving forward but you're ruining the engine.

(noun) cee-boo-t
A belated sequel to a movie or franchise that pretty much ignores the original and more or less rehashes the same storyline under the guise of being a sequel. See: Tron: Legacy, Predators, The Incredible Hulk

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