Monday, April 23, 2012

Finally released... The One Man A-Team (2012)

Time to take a break from reviewing other people's movies and let you know about one of mine!

Yes, that's right, by day I'm Jack Thursby movie reviewer but by night I'm Neil Rickatson a no-budget filmmaker. And here's my latest creation – The One Man A-Team – a fifteen minute spoof of The A-Team with one actor playing all the roles.

I'd love to have some hilarious story as to how the film came about but sadly... I don't. Basically, we were shooting another project where we wanted a quick cameo from the A-Team and got all the costumes and wigs together but in the end the scene lasted no more than five seconds. Mitch, my filming partner and regular actor, begged me to write a longer film so we could make better use of the costumes (and I think he wanted another shot at impersonating Mr T).

The film has been almost two years in the making but it's been an absolute blast putting it together. The most fun I've ever had writing or shooting anything. Not sure why it's taken so long. We initially tried to get it together in time for the A-Team movie but it needed a lot of pre-production to plan out all the shots and a fair amount of post-production to add in all the “special” effects. Not to mention the fact we re-dubbed the entire project to get consistent voices from each character!

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy it and don't forget to check out the alternate ending and public service announcement. We just had a “premiere” in a small cinema in London this last weekend which was very rewarding. We're going to be harassing any website that will listen this week to try and spread the word.

If you enjoyed the film please forward the link on to your friends, family and enemies. We're really shameless and just want a big youtube hit count.

And if anyone is interested in reviewing it or promoting it, by all means go for it.


  1. This is great, and a lot of fun. Reminds me of the movies I used to make with my friends, though ours were always horror related. lol. But this is great. Love the special effects especially, and it was funny too! Great job buddy!

  2. Thanks Jason, glad you liked it. It was meant to be a quick bit of fun but it somehow blew up in to a fairly lengthy project. I like doing comedy because it's always clear cut whether you've succeeded or not. If people don't laugh, you've failed.

    Yeah, we also made a horror film back in our teens but it's too amateurish (and long) to put on youtube. Hopefully our next project should be back in horror territory - it's going to be a big epic apocalypse movie with demons! And comedy!